All The Great Things You Can Achieve With Kunveno

Your use cases together with us

Exchange Praise & Appreciation Build a sustainable culture of recognition.
Connect Distributed Teams Unite your remote workforce with a sense of belonging.
Bring Company Values to Life

Activate your core values through real-life actions.

Celebrate Success Together

Make every accomplishment a moment of collective pride.

Demystify Strategic Initiatives

Translate lofty goals into shared, relatable victories.

Boost Engagement & Employer Brand

Elevate your company as an employer of choice and increase your eNPS.

Detect Employee Sentiment

Harness the emotional pulse of your team with real-time sentiment analysis. Foster a responsive and emotionally intelligent workplace.

Create a Learning Organisation

Strengthen your team's strengths with advanced analytics. Transform data into actionable learning that propels your organization forward.


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Strengthen loyalty.
Increase motivation.

Imagine a place where every success, every thank you & every smile is celebrated. Your living yearbook for positive moments - linked to company values. 100% integrated into MS Teams & Co.

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