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Imagine a place where every success, every thank you & every smile is celebrated. Your living yearbook for positive moments - linked to company values. 100% integrated into MS Teams & Co.

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Tailor-made Add-On Packages

With our highly individualized add-on packages, we are happy to help you establish your appreciation culture even faster or measure the effect of Kunveno in crystal clear KPI (Key Performance Indicators)!


Get our customized add-ons at a discounted price until 31th July 2024

Regular and on-demand video calls for advice, feedback and questions with one of our Success Teams are waiting for you and your team. We're also happy to help you measure your success! 

Condensed knowledge about appreciation from our experts in multiple learning videos. Checklists & 1:1 templates, step-by-step instructions to implement our methods with success.


Do you have any questions?

Will you support me in onboarding?

Our Customer Success Team will help you implement kunveno to meet the exact needs of your business. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to learn more!

What benefits does Kunveno bring to my team culture?

How does Kunveno benefit my team culture? Research shows (Gallup) that employees who do not feel valued are twice as likely to quit their jobs within a year. In addition, according to SHRM, 62% of employees are not satisfied with the appreciation they already receive.
The goal of Kunveno is to empower teams to celebrate their successes, reduce turnover, and increase employee engagement - all in a fun and easy way.

How do I introduce Kunveno to my team?

Kunveno is here to help! We support you with extensive onboarding materials and are happy to coach you and your team one-on-one. Team members also receive a training video that shows them how to use all of Kunveno's functionality.

How can I ensure that everyone on my team participates and is valued?

Kunveno can encourage your team members to share their praise and feedback through reminders and notifications, but we highly recommend incorporating the Kunveno ritual into your internal team processes! For more tips on how to introduce Kunveno to your team, schedule a meeting with us - it's really super easy! 

How does pricing work?

 If you decide to upgrade to our or Pro plan, we will calculate the number of employees and give you a discount for an annual subscription. See above for pricing details. Our goal is to make feedback affordable and accessible to all teams. If price is an issue, please contact us here.

Do you have customer support?

Yes, we have! If you need help, please visit our help article or contact our customer support using the contact details at the bottom of this page. 

Does Kunveno offer analytics for administrators?


Yes! admins can now view team analytics in their web app dashboard. This includes team engagement, employee engagement, and more. 

Important: With Kunveno, only aggregated data from teams with at least five participants can be analysed. Evaluation on an individual basis is not possible and never will be. Kunveno is not designed to evaluate the performance of individual employees. Therefore, this functionality does not correspond to our values.

How does Kunveno keep my team's data private/secure?

Kunveno is constantly reviewing and updating its privacy practices to ensure that your team's data is safe. All of Kunveno's data is located in the EU. You can find more information about our policies here. Kunveno is 100% compliant with the GDPR and has been developed with experts in information security, IT security and IT law.

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