Our strong partners


Taking excellent corporate culture to a whole new level through partnership

Together with our partners, we offer a holistic approach to strengthening an appreciative corporate culture - from as-is analyses and consulting to change management, transformation and the use of our digital appreciation platform!

ada Learning GmbH

The ada fellowship provides aspiring and experienced managers with the tools they need to transform their organization sustainably.

Sweat & Glory Consulting GmbH Agile boutique consultancy with extensive management and practical experience.
achtwert GmbH

Recruitment and development with mindfulness and appreciation.

nuboworkers GmbH

IT management consultant & cloudworker with a passion for digital change.

Exgenio GmbH

Personal and professional development in digital form.

Fairantwortung gAG

Non-profit entrepreneurial initiative. An ecosystem for sustainable and future-proof business.


Strategic consulting for digitalization, diversity and sustainability are topics that move us.


Empathy meets expertise

Cultural Analysis

In combination with our partners, we conduct detailed cultural analyses in order to understand the existing corporate culture and introduce targeted changes.

Strategic Consulting

Our experts develop customized strategies aimed at establishing and promoting a culture of appreciation and recognition.

Change Management

Together with our partners, we support companies in the implementation of change management initiatives that enable sustainable cultural change.


We integrate kunveno's digital tools with the consulting services of our partners to offer a holistic solution for culture strengthening and employee retention.

Continuous Cooperation

Our ongoing support ensures that the established culture of appreciation is maintained and further developed in order to retain talent in the long term.

Cultural Revolution

Together with our partners, we are driving cultural revolution by combining digital solutions with real-world consulting to create an inclusive, appreciative and high-performing work environment.