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Discover a world where every success is shared, every thank you counts and every team member feels connected. Your digital space for building a vibrant culture of positivity!




Countless success stories build on trust


Boost your company culture

Celebrate successes and give employees an easy way to express how much they appreciate each other with public praise that is visible to the entire company and can be shared via Slack or Microsoft Teams. 


Share and celebrate good vibes across all borders 😎


🏆  Kunveno is your Positivity Hub for genuine Employee Experience

The direct exchange of praise and positive feedback promotes a culture that fosters development and learning processes. Freely according to the motto "Reinforce strengths!"   And best of all: We also translate your Copmpany Values into the language of appreciation.


Kunveno Board

Foster a culture of mutual appreciation with your "kunveno Wall." The feature displays publicly shared praise so your employees get the recognition they deserve.

Company Value Connect

Empower your core values. Connect each praise card to your company values and identify real potential via analytics.

Engagement Insights

The added value of Kunveno is of course measurable. With insightful reports and dashboards, you keep track of KPIs like employee engagement and more.

Integration & Social Login

Our MS Teams and Slack integration is a breeze and only takes a few minutes.

Ritual Mode

With the Kunveno Ritual Mode you can easily integrate appreciation into your team meetings! Praise in Public is the principle and you will be amazed at the effect!

Notifications & Reminders

Stay up to date at any time with our freely configurable reminder and notifications function. We will gladly remind you about newly received Kunveno.

Mobile App

With the Kunveno mobile app for iOS and Android, you can receive praise anytime, anywhere. Your appreciation is always with you in your pocket.

Kunveno TV

Show in real time the latest praise cards for your team on a screen in the office or for example in the coffee kitchen.

GDPR compliance

Kunveno is 100% compliant with the GDPR and was developed with experts from the fields of information security, IT security and IT law.

With Kunveno you create a more connected and inclusive work culture

Exchange Praise & Appreciation Build a sustainable culture of recognition.
Connect Distributed Teams Unite your remote workforce with a sense of belonging.
Bring Company Values to Life

Activate your core values through real-life actions.

Celebrate Success Together

Make every accomplishment a moment of collective pride.

Demystify Strategic Initiatives

Translate lofty goals into shared, relatable victories.

Boost Engagement & Employer Brand

Elevate your company as an employer of choice and increase your eNPS.

Detect Employee Sentiment

Harness the emotional pulse of your team with real-time sentiment analysis. Foster a responsive and emotionally intelligent workplace.

Create a Learning Organisation

Strengthen your team's strengths with advanced analytics. Transform data into actionable learning that propels your organization forward.

What happy users report

Bring digital culture to life!


That's why Kunveno is worthwhile

56% less frequent resignations of top performers

73% lower risk of burn-out among employees

Up to 44% higher performance through positivity

Inclusion & 
Involve everyone!

Directly connected to your corporate values

Team Rituals
Create new team rituals, traditions and emotions


Well known from


Company culture now constitutes your ultimate competitive edge ✨

Unfortunately, praise and appreciation often fall by the wayside in the hectic remote and hybrid workday. Unless you use Kunveno: With our platform, all employees and managers can easily exchange praise and appreciation at any time and in any place - and in the blink of an eye, also focus on the positive things! Kunveno is a game changer when it comes to good vibes and positivity in the workplace!



Don't waste time! Our combination of straightforward tool and established ritual is ready to support you from day one with scientifically proven methods to increase employee engagement


No red tape and no heavy processes. Keep it natural. Make it conversational. And bring praise into the workplace in an authentic way with Kunveno


Being praised as a team is good for you - it's scientifically proven! Our proven approach brings everything you need to ignite great memories full of appreciation 😎





Leverage data-driven employee appreciation

Insightful, actionable reports help with team building and "strengthening strengths".  Kunveno is your game changer when it comes to collaboration and is completely detached from traditional performance appraisals - it's all about togetherness!  

The focus of Kunveno is to measure and improve Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Culture and Diversity & Inclusion. The effect is measurable and the impact is enormous!


Seamlessly integrated into your workflows

It's important to be able to share and receive praise quickly in your usual workflows.
Our MS Teams and Slack integration allows you to do just that! The integration is very easy and takes only a few minutes. 



Analytics help you to really understand your workforce

Get a complete overview of your team's recognition data. Understand the connections and values that drive team members. Gain insights into employee strengths to improve feedback and overall team performance.

We provide you with regular executive summaries. Simply inform your top management about our progress and impact!


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Strengthen loyalty.
Increase motivation.

Imagine a place where every success, every thank you & every smile is celebrated. Your living yearbook for positive moments - linked to company values. 100% integrated into MS Teams & Co.

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