Data protection is a top priority for us

Kunveno includes extensive security features in the product that give you control and flexibility and ensure that all data is securely protected. Our platform is 100% GDPR compliant and was developed with works councils and experts in the fields of information security, IT security and IT law.


Robust and Trustworthy Infrastructure Servers

Kunveno stores all data in a German data center with reputable "Infrastructure as a Service" providers and serves many clients both in Germany and internationally. The data centers we use meet the strictest security requirements and offer high reliability and fail-safety, among others certified according to ISO 27001.

Data Protection

During transmission, data is encrypted with TLS 1.2, one of the most secure methods currently available. When stored, the data is protected by 256-bit encryption, which meets industry standards.

Unified Login

With Unified Login (SSO), you can authenticate users in your systems without them needing separate login credentials for Kunveno.

Permission Management

Kunveno offers powerful administrative control options that allow for very detailed rights management. You can create roles with individual permissions and assign them to different users or groups. Additionally, you can configure access (read, edit, manage) based on custom attributes you create and assign to users.

System Monitoring

Our development team always keeps an eye on the application's state. In case of internal errors or potential disruptions to our integrations, they are promptly informed by our monitoring system. This way, we can typically respond within minutes and quickly resolve the issue.

Data Backup

Kunveno's databases are regularly backed up so they can be restored in the event of software or server failure. These backups are stored in various European data centers. Please note that we cannot reset individual customer accounts. If you delete data in your account, it will be permanently removed.

Readiness for Enterprise Requirements

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European data protection law that came into effect in 2018. It dictates how companies can collect, use, and process personal data of EU citizens. This applies to businesses within Europe and those with relations in Europe. Kunveno has taken steps to ensure that your data is protected and meets all GDPR guidelines. Additionally, we assist our clients and users in understanding the GDPR and complying when necessary. Kunveno provides specialized tools and procedures to ensure GDPR compliance. An overview of GDPR-compliant partners that Kunveno collaborates can be sent you you on request at any time. 

Directory of Subcontractors

Transferring data to countries outside the EU or EEA is only done in compliance with the GDPR and when the specific provisions of Articles 44 ff. of the GDPR are met. Such a transfer requires a clear contractual arrangement between Kunveno and the respective service provider, ensuring an equivalent level of data protection, e.g., in accordance with the standard contractual clauses set by the European Commission.

Approach to Security Incidents

In the event of security breaches, we promptly inform and rectify any vulnerabilities. For large clients, specialized procedures for security incidents can be agreed upon.

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

When your company becomes a client of Kunveno, both parties can sign a DPA. This agreement outlines how we handle your company's data, the security measures contractually assured, and the rights your company possesses. This contract is essential to ensure GDPR compliance.

Service-Level Agreements (SLA)

Kunveno offers customized Service-Level Agreements for major clients. These ensure that all aspects of the service offering - from quality and availability to responsibilities - meet the client's expectations.

Our Commitment to Security

Development with a Security Focus

Reliable software emerges when security considerations are prioritized from the outset. At Kunveno, we incorporate various verification mechanisms, both manual and automated, to ensure the integrity of our software at every stage of development.

Dedicated Security Team

Within Kunveno, there's a team of experts solely dedicated to keeping our privacy and security standards up-to-date and regularly reviewed.

Transparency in Security Matters

If you come across potential security vulnerabilities in our application, we urge you to inform us through the provided contact channel. Every reported concern is taken seriously and thoroughly examined by us. Kunveno continuously strives, through internal efforts and in collaboration with external partners, to enhance the security of our platform.

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