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Appreciation Deserves a Central Role in Every Team Worldwide!

Our vision stretches far beyond the traditional workspace. In a world where technology often creates distance, we're reintroducing humanity into the digital realm. Kunveno isn’t just about saying “Thank you”. It's about fostering a global culture of recognition, celebration, and amplifying the positive.

Made with ❤️ in Stuttgart – but with the aim of conquering the world!



Our trip

1️⃣ FEBRUARY 2019


Development of the first Kunveno version and pilot case within TRUMPF's central IT in Ditzingen, Germany

2️⃣ NOVEMBER 2021

Kunveno is becoming increasingly popular. Other departments are using the solution with enthusiasm. External companies express interest in Kunveno.

3️⃣ MARCH 2022

Kunveno becomes more professional and launches as a standalone SaaS application.

February 2023

5️⃣ Kunveno launches go-to-market and grows steadily.🚀


Our Founders

Dr. Tim Taraba


Yannick Dickel


Dennis Knotz

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